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Freezer Safe Labels in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Label Printers
Choose from a range of thermal transfer label printers available for basic office use and large industrial use. We sell quality handheld, desktop, and portable printers and have refill labels for all printer models.
Products Include:
• Brady® BMP-21
• K-Sun Label Printer
• Brady BMP-71
• BMP-31 Label and Sign Printer
Our Label Design Software Includes:
• MarkWare™
• LabelMark™
• Codesoft Chart™
• Codesoft® 6 Enterprise
• Asset Tracking Software
• Label Design Software
• Cable Management Software
Lab Labels, Freezer Safe Labels in Gaithersburg, MD
Custom Labels
We create custom industrial labels like asset tags and barcode labels. Our asset tags are serial number tags and our barcode labels all are heat resistant, peel resistant, and tamper evident.
Laboratory Labels
These labels go on vials, slides, and tissue culture container labels. We also sell a variety of warehouse and industrial labels including safety signs, pipe markings, and valve tags.

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